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It's cold outside! Be aware!

The next days are still very cold. The freezing of your water meter or piping can lead to water cuts, leaks or even very significant material damage. Do you know what to do in case of prolonged absence? What to do when your facilities are frozen and the water is no longer running? Or what to do to avoid freezing of your water meter or piping?

Consider to protect them. We will give you some practical tips and trics.

What to do when your facilities are frozen and the water is no longer running?

- Thaw your installation: a hairdryer may be enough to thaw a pipe, but never use a flame. - Shutdown the water to prevent flooding during the thaw.

- Drain your installation.

"The water meter that is used to measure your consumption falls under your responsibility, whether you are the owner or tenant. Reparation or replacement of a frozen water meter will be charged by your supplier."

What to do in case of prolonged absence?

- Drain your installation. - Close the general water faucet.

- Simultaneously open all the faucets of your installation, so that the water in the pipes runs out. - Open the purge valve (if it exists) - the one located between the water meter and your interior faucets - until the water stops running.

- Close the drain faucet. When draining is complete: close all faucets in your installation.

To avoid a frozen water meter or piping, consider to protecting them:

- If your meter is located in a room particularly exposed to the cold (a cellar, a garage, a laundry room, etc), think about covering and surround the pipes with an insulating material. In case the room has a heating source, do not turn it off completely.

- Your meter is outside: cover the water meter and exposed pipes with polystyrene plates. Never use moisture absorbing materials (straw, textile, paper, glass or rock wool, etc.) Remember to leave the meter access available for readings.

In case of intense and prolonged frost, let a trickle of water run into your sink so that the water continues to circulate in your pipes. A ridiculous expense compared to the damage that freezing your pipes could cause.

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