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Events November 2018!

Great musical hits from the eighties combined with the first olive oil and high speeds cars together will make an unforgettable November 2018 in Sainte Maxime!

Soiree la folie des années 80, Saturday the 3th of November 2018, Sainte Maxime

A great music evening! Go back in time and enjoy in a musical ambiance all unforgettable hits of the eighties. Gifts and entertainment all evening.

In collaboration with UMCA.

Entrée €5,00 Timetable from 21:30 till 01:30 O'clock

Fête d'huile Friday 16th of November - Sunday 18th of November 2018, Sainte Maxime

The arrival of the new olive oil in Sainte-Maxime! A weekend of Provençal traditions ...


Friday the 16th of November 2018

19:00 O'clock Provencal evening followed by a dinner consisting of specialties in olive oil (reservation required with financial participation Tel: +33 (0)494960025 or Tel: +33 (0)675960625)

Saturday the 17th of November 2018 10:00 - 18:00 O'clock demonstration of the crushing of olives, stands of craftsmen and old trades. 14:00 O'clock guided tour of the olive grove of the Pierre Plantée.

Sunday the 18th of November 2018 10:00 - 18:00 O'clock demonstration of the crushing of the olives and the manufacture of the oil. Stands of craftsmen, old crafts and mini-farm. In the morning (around 10:00 O'clock): Parade and picking olives in the city. 12:00 O'clock wine of honor In the afternoon: there will be traditional dances with the folk group "Leï Magnoti". 16:00 O'clock: tasting of the new oil on toast (bougneto).

For the complete program please click here

64th Rally du Var and 34th Historic Rally du Var,

Thursday the 22nd of November 2018 till the 25th of November 2018,